Getting the best possible result is our top priority.

Jonathan L. Pickering is dedicated to the defense of people charged with crimes in Massachusetts. With over a decade of experience representing clients in criminal proceedings, Attorney Pickering brings a real-world perspective and a proven record of success when defending clients in court.

Attorney Pickering has successfully defended thousands of Massachusetts criminal cases and he draws on his experience and background in criminal law to get positive results for his clients. Working in District, Superior and Federal Court, Attorney Pickering offers the resources and experience to handle any legal problem with unmatched service and personal attention.

Devoted to criminal defense.

Attorney Jonathan L. Pickering is devoted to criminal defense throughout Massachusetts and exclusively in Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth, Bristol, Worcester, Barnstable, Nantucket and Dukes Counties.

He is trained in the time-tested art of courtroom advocacy and the latest technology, forensic techniques, and investigative strategies. Attorney Pickering has experience in the fields of forensic photography, hand-writing analysis, forensic accounting, medical record analysis, video analysis, DNA and fingerprint analysis, accident reconstruction and forensic psychology to advance his client’s cases.

He is prepared to respond to your case promptly and take all the proper steps to ensure the best course of action is taken to defend your charges.

No two cases are the same, so Attorney Pickering’s strong track record of success shows his ability to find a way to get his client’s charges dismissed or reduced time and time again.

Depending on your situation, getting your charges dismissed or reduced is a question of filing the proper motion at the right time, successfully negotiating with the district attorney, or winning at trial. Attorney Pickering’s consistent record of success has earned him respect throughout Eastern Massachusetts, in the National Trial Lawyers Association, client reviews and testimonials, and with the judges and prosecutors with whom he works.